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Factory tour

Factory Workshop

Raw material warehouse

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Vertical machining center

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Auto bar feeder and oblique guide rail lathe

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CNC machine

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Quality Control

Control sytem: Passed CE certified,safer and more reliable for the customers.

Quality inspection process

1 - when the material arrives, check the finish of the inner tube of the material and spot check the size with a caliper.
2 - the installer shall check whether the part threads are intact.
3 - clean all parts and blow dry.
4 - after installation, draw and observe the smoothness of air outlet.
5 - install the pressure gauge hose and conduct the pressure test.

Quality Control Process

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Material is stainless steel and copper, 100% inspection before entering factory, Provide material certification, QC check size and qulity

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Perform inspections on assembled, Self checking and checking each other, QC checking and supervise in each procedure, Spot check in process

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Each procuts 100% testAfter assembly, check air wether leaking, Pressure test 100%

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Eech packeg with foam box and fixed well, Paste fragile label on each case, QC double check the product and provide Out-going test report

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