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4500 PSI Air Compressor

4500 PSI Air Compressor

With our already prepared 4500 psi air compressors, you can connect more easily. The compressor use XT60 plug for connection.

You can easily connect the 12v car power or 110v, 220v home power. Power is ready to be connected. Plug the wire and press cooling fan switch and press compressor switch. It is very easy to use.

And it only about 5 kg, small wight. But it can up to 300 bar, it able to fill a 300cc tank from 0 bar to 300 bar in as little as 9 minutes.

We are equipped with English instructions, please read the installation steps and usage carefully, and contact us if you have any questions.

In addition to that this air compressor has a wide range of applications, it is suitable for pcp bottles, firefighting, air guns, paintball tanks, pressure and air tightness test, cars, leak detection, pressure test, etc.

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● Built in power converter.

● High working pressure 4500psi.

● Big pressure gauge and auto shut-off.

● Powered by 110V AC, 220V AV or 12v power supply.

● With an explosion-proof valve, prevent internal overload.


Topa 4500 psi air compressor Details


Working pressure Max 300Bar/4500Psi/30Mpa


Topa 4500 psi air compressor

Cooling system Built-in fan cooling
Shut down Auto-stop at Set-pressure
Niose MAX 75DB
Lubrication Mode Oil-free
Output nut M10*1 , Quick connector: 8mm
Power 250W
Net weight 7.5KG
Pump Size L8.27 * W6.70 * H5.12 inch
Power 12v DC or 110V/220V AC
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