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Best PCP Hand Pump

Best PCP Hand Pump

The 3 stages best pcp hand pump is made of 304 stainless steel, has a length of 630 mm and a net weight of 2 kg. It has a liquid cooling system that reduces the temperature from the core and he can work continuously for 2 hours at 4500 psi without heating up. 

It uses a high-pressure piston head that allows for self-compensation for wear and tear. It uses copper check valves for durability and reduced failure rates. Equipped with 8mm quick-fill fittings for most pcp air soft guns, rifles and pistols, easy to use and ready to inflate your air soft gun.

It is equipped with a water-oil filter that can filter the point air by and water to prevent the pump from being corroded. It has a large high-pressure pressure gauge, which can accurately read the pressure indication and detect the inflation condition at any time, safe and convenient.

What’s more, the pump has been perfectly designed to use foldable pedal, which can save your space and fix the pedal for more stable gas output. The handle design is soft and comfortable, which saves more time and effort. A bleeder valve is also installed at the bottom to improve safety.

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● Using stainless steel tube.

● With fold pedal, easy to carry.

● Pressure reach up to 4500psi.

● Brass piston come with a lifetime warranty.

● Large pressure gauge, control inflatable pressure easily. 


Topa pcp hand pump details


Pump Chamber


Topa pcp hand pump

Max Pressure





water cooling

House Length


Handle Total Width


Overall Height


Gross Weight


Package Dimensions(L*W*H)

25.2 * 6.3 * 2.4(inch)

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