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Microbore Hose

Microbore Hose

The stainless steel material of the Topa microbore hose supports high pressure 4500 Psi, 60 inches long, and the surface is polished and electroplated, which is very strong and beautiful.

Heavy-duty micro porous hose “anti-kink” spring 24 inch 600 mm micro porous wire 1/8 BSP female threaded end fitting (“D” head). So you can install any 1/8 bsp filling probe directly to the end or any 1/8 bsp quick connector or connector. They are tapered in the end connector, so no ptfe tape is needed.

There is now an “anti-kink” spring at one end to help protect the hose from bending damage. It is a good substitute for PCP pre-filled air gun inflation devices, pumps, etc., and is suitable for working pressures up to 300 bar. (Suitable for cylinder valve)

It can refill the fuel tank quickly and easily! Topa’s Fill Whip extends the pipeline from your fuel tank to the refueling station, so you can refuel without removing the fuel tank from your backpack!

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● Stainless steel quick disconnection.

● 4500 Psi rated components.

● Hose extension for remote fuel tank assembly.

● Suitable for refueling in flight using remote settings.

● Mounted on your tank in the backpack

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