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4500 PSI Air Compressor

4500 PSI Air Compressor

With a 4500 psi compressor compressor, Instead of wasting time pumping, you can stay in the gym and fitness exercise! You will definitely buy a compressor according to your needs,Topa 4500 psi compressor is fast and easy to carry, and can directly match the air gun cylinder.

It is a portable compressor, if without the compressor, you need to be filled at a special filling station and it will not be filled to 4500 psi.

It is adjustable auto-shutoff, Topa 4500 psi compressor will fill your pcp air rifles, paintball cylinders, air pistols, pcp airguns, filling them reach to 4500 PSI/300 BAR.

Topa 4500 psi compressor insert directly into a 110v/220v electrical outlet and even insert a 12v car battery. So, you can fill your paintball cylinder, pistol, pcp airgun and diving bottle anywhere.

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● Adjustable auto shutdown

● Maximum pressure up to 300bar

● Free oil and water

● Noise level is about 92 dB.

● Compressor, spring hose,etc included


4500 PSI Compressor Details


Working pressure Max 300Bar/4500Psi/30Mpa


4500 psi compressor

Cooling system Built-in fan cooling
Shut down Auto-stop at Set-pressure
Noise MAX 75DB
Lubrication Mode Oil-free
Output nut M10*1 , Quick connector: 8mm
Power 250W
Net weight 7.5KG
Pump Size L9.45 * W6.77 * H5.63 inch
Power 12v DC or 110V/220V AC
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