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300 BAR Pcp Compressor

300 BAR Pcp Compressor

Wave goodbye to pcp air bottles and pcp compressor pumps forever with a compressor built to go anywhere you can—the Topa pcp air compressor.

Topa pcp compressor is a compact compressor that can be powered from any 110V or 220V outlet battery.

But don’t consider the need to stay put! It also designed 12V power cable socket. If you have a car, you have a power supply, it is very convenient to fill your airgun or paintball cylinder. No matter where your hunting takes you, Topa pcp compressor will keep you adequate power and ready to shoot.

Whether filling a pcp paintball tanks from empty or just topping off, the Topa pcp compressor fills quickly and efficiently. Our pcp compressor was able to fill a 300cc air tank from 0 psi to 4500 psi in as little minutes.

If this is not enough, Topa pcp compressor is free oil and water, no need to carry extra oil. And with the addition of the movable power supply, Topa pcp compressor is easily the most portable air compressor on the market.

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● Water free and oil free

● Equipped with a cooling fan

● Working pressures up to 300 bar

● Running off of a 110V AC or 12V car battery

● Power supply for electrical outlet use is external the unit.


Topa compressor Details


Working pressure Max 300Bar/4500Psi/30Mpa


Topa pcp compressor

Cooling system Built-in fan cooling
Shut down Auto-stop at Set-pressure
Noise MAX 75DB
Lubrication Mode Oil-free
Output nut M10*1 , Quick connector: 8mm
Power 250W
Net weight 7.5KG
Pump Size L8.27 * W6.70 * H5.12 inch
Power 12v DC or 110V/220V AC
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