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300 BAR Pcp Air Compressor

300 BAR Pcp Air Compressor

Topa pcp air compressor is the latest portable air pump for paintball tank and air guns, which maximum pressure up to 300 bar or 4500 psi. It equipped with auto-shutoff system, you can set the stop pressure you need, then it can auto shut-off.
And both ends of the hose are 8mm female connector, which can realize quickly connected and disconnected. It is compatible with most airsoft guns, pcp pistols and paintball cylinders.
In addition it equipped with air filter can filter out the oil, water and dirty in the air very well, make sure the air clear enough. Built in converter makes it capable of perfect working off of a 110V or 220V voltage or 12V car battery. It can Fill your paintball cylinders in the field or at home at any time.
The most important is that it is small weight, small size and easy carrying. It is very convenient to inflate cars, trucks, vans, kayaks, and various balls at anytime.



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● Cooling fan System

● 12 Months Guarantee

● Working pressure up to 4500 PSI.

● Set-pressure and auto-shutdown.

● Voltage consist of DC12V, AC110V and AC220V


Topa pcp air compressor Detials


Working pressure Max 300Bar/4500Psi/30Mpa

Topa pcp air compressor

Cooling system Built-in fan cooling
Shut down Auto-stop at Set-pressure
Noise MAX 75DB
Lubrication Mode Oil-free
Output nut M10*1 , Quick connector: 8mm
Power 250W
Net weight 7.5KG
Pump Size L11.8 * W8.66 * H5.27 inch
Power 12v DC or 110V/220V AC


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