10+Years Manufacturing Experience
12v 300bar Portable Topa Airgun Compressor

Free oil free water

12V car battery or AC 110/220V home outlet

300bar 4500psi Topa airgun compressor

For PCP airguns, Airsoft and Paintball tanks

Adjustable auto-shutoff Topa airgun compressor

PCP  Topa airgun compressor bulk is a light weight, portable, 12 volt air compressor.  This 4500 psi 300bar high pressure pump have the automatic stop and set pressure function.  Topa airgun compressor can be powered off 12V car battery or a 110V or 220V outlet .  With a Topa airgun compressor built to go anywhere you can.

Topa airgun compressor  is free of water and oil, and can work continuously for 30 minutes without downtime.

It is able to fill a Topa cylinder (0.5 L)  from 0 psi to 4500 psi in 13 mins just by pushing the ON button. It fills quickly and efficiently.

Save many buy more pcp tank, no need manpower, say byebye to pcp air tank and pcp hand pump forever.

PCP air compressor

● Cooling fan System ● 12 Months Guarantee ● Working pressure up to 4500 PSI. ● Set-pressure and auto-shutdown. ● Voltage consist of DC12V, AC110V and AC220V

● No oil and no water ● Built-in power adapter ● Built-in high-power fan ● Working pressure up to 300bar ● Preset pressure and automatic shutdown

● Can auto-shutoff. ● Built-in cooling fan system ● Equipped with explosion-proof valve. ● Working pressure can be up to 4500 psi ● With a two-cylinder two-stage compression design

● Automatic shut-off ● No need oil or water ● Pressure reaches up to 300 bar ● Equipped with cooling fan and power adapter ● Widely used in paintball tanks, fire fighting, air gun, and so on.

● The noise level is only 92 dB. ● Built-in cooling fan system ● With explosion-proof valve ● Pressure reaches up to 4500 psi ● Powered by 110V AC or 220V AV power supply.

● Can auto shutoff. ● Built in cooling fan system ● Working pressure can up to 4500 psi ● Use high quality super wear piston ring. ● Adopt stacked two-cylinder two-stage compression design ● Equipp...

● Built-in power supply. ● No need water and oil. ● Can set pressure and auto stop. ● Cooling Fan can quickly dissipate. ● 12v is convenient to use both at home and in the field.

● Built in power converter. ● High working pressure 4500psi. ● Big pressure gauge and auto shut-off. ● Powered by 110V AC, 220V AV or 12v power supply. ● With an explosion-proof valve, prevent inte...

● Water free and oil free ● Equipped with a cooling fan ● Working pressures up to 300 bar ● Running off of a 110V AC or 12V car battery ● Power supply for electrical outlet use is external the unit.

● Adjustable auto shutdown ● Maximum pressure up to 300bar ● Free oil and water ● Noise level is about 92 dB. ● Compressor, spring hose,etc included

One-Stop airgun compressor Solution

Topa is committed to providing one-stop procurement services for our clients. We not only sell air filling products but also provide solutions to keep your air fill easily. ​ Our main products are air gun charging series such as PCP pump, airgun compressors, 12v airgun compressors, carbon fiber tanks, paintball regulators, and related fill parts. In Topa, You will find the exact products you want.
One-Stop airgun compressor Solution

Wide Applications

Topa airgun compressor wholesale is widely be used for paintball shooting and other high- pressure field industries by its reliability, durability, and portability.
Wide Applications

Quality airgun compressor Manufacturing

Topa airgun compressor manufacturers has passed CE, ISO TUV certification, and our products are freely circulating throughout the EEA.

Quality is not only limited to our products, it must also be present in each of the services offered and in the processes of our management.
  • Raw material control

    Material is stainless steel and copper 100% inspection before entering factory Provide material certification QC check size and quality

  • Process control

    Perform inspections on assembled Self checking and checking each other QC checking and supervise in each procedure Spot check in process

  • Finished products control

    Each products 100% test After assembly, check air weather leaking Pressure test 100%

  • Packing control

    Each package with foam box and fixed well Paste fragile label on each case QC double check the product and provide Out-going test report

  • air compressor1
  • Install shell and check
  • CNC Airgun compressor
  • Cylinder install and check 1
  • Airgun compresor line check
  • Cylinder install and check
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Advanced Manufacturing Equipment

CNC machine
300 bar air compressor manufacturer
Topa adopts advanced equipment to produce Air gun compressor


VS-65E auto bar feeder

auto bar feeder to a CNC lathe, no need for worker to unload and load Topa airgun compressor suppliers material. One worker could operate few machines. Productivity rises while costs fall. You can enjoy more competitive quoting. It also reduce the machine worker’s time and effort handling raw material work efficiency and reduce Topa airgun compressor delivery time.

VMC-800 machining center

VMC-800 machining center has good performance and high degree of automation,it may perform grinding, boring, drilling, tapping, ribbon cutting edge, and much more operating for Topa airgun compressor factory. VMC machine can improve processing efficiency and processing accuracy, and reduce the damage rate of Topa airgun compressor parts.

TSUGAMI BO20-V CNC Precision Automatic Lathe

It is Five axis machine,Improved machine accuracy and reduced cycle times.This machine allows you to run high precision parts utilizing standard drawn bar-stock. It could produces run high-precision parts with shorter remnants and better concentricity. This will make airgun compressor custom parts more precision with good quality.

More Manufacturing Process for Topa airgun compressor

Inventory and package


20,000 square meters warehouse, plenty inventory and well managed.

One Stop Solution

The inventory contains oven, fork, knife, oil brush, plate, toothpick, paper Cup.


For retailers, we accept small orders. We thiank this is really good for you

Price Advantage

For distributorys, buy in bulk can get a better price. Save purchasing costs for you.

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● Our equipments is welcomed by lots of people.

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