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PCP Hose

Working pressure is 4500psi/300bar.

Suitable for pcp air gun and factory made.

Core of Topa pcp fill hose is PA/PU hydraulic hose.

Reinforcement is fiber braid/steel wire braid/steel winding.

Fill hose

● 4500 PSI working pressure ● Available in 26″ or 50″ size ● Stainless steel quick connector socket at the end of the hose. ● Rated pressure is 300bar/4500psi ● The hose is spring-reinf...

● Made of stainless steel ● 8mm quick fill connector at the end ● Suitable for air cylinders and air pumps ● Maximum working pressure up to 300bar

● Suitable for coupling types. ● Suitable for mineral hydraulic fluids. ● Used in construction machinery, etc. ● Made of polyurethane resin material. ● Bend resistance with small bend radius.

● Working pressure up to 300 bar ● 1/8 bsp female threaded connectors on both ends of the hose ● Suitable for refueling in flight using remote settings. ● Mounted on your tank in the backpack ● Sui...

● Inside the end fittings, they are tapered, so no ptfe tape is needed With a quick connector. ● Suitable for 6000 PSI PCP inflatable tanks. ● Can be used for all pcp air rifles and pistols, and ca...

● Fill your air system to keep your backpack open. ● 60cm trachea, suitable for all pcp air rifles and pistols. ● Equipped with a tightly braided anti-kink spring to prevent the hose from being ben...

● Stainless steel quick disconnection. ● 4500 Psi rated components. ● Hose extension for remote fuel tank assembly. ● Suitable for refueling in flight using remote settings. ● Mounted on your tank ...

One-Stop pcp hose Solution

We are committed to providing one-stop procurement services for our clients. We not only sell air filling products but also provide solutions to keep your air fill easily. ​ Our main products are air gun charging series such as PCP pump, airgun compressors wholesale, pcp hose, carbon fiber tanks, paintball regulators, and related fill parts. In Topa, You will find the exact products you want.
One-Stop pcp hose Solution

Wide Application

4500 PSI paintball air rifle SCBA fill station refill charging adapter. This paintball fill station Knob type exhaust valve, the air outlet is very smooth, which is safe to use and premium for long service time. Used on PCP air tank, pcp hand pump, paintball airgun, air pump filling and so on.
Wide Application

Quality airgun compressor Manufacturing

Topa pcp hose has passed CE, ISO TUV certification, and our products are freely circulating throughout the EEA.

Quality is not only limited to our products, it must also be present in each of the services offered and in the processes of our management.
  • Raw material control

    Material is stainless steel and copper 100% inspection before entering factory Provide material certification QC check size and quality

  • Process control

    Perform inspections on assembled Self checking and checking each other QC checking and supervise in each procedure Spot check in process

  • Finished products control

    Each products 100% test After assembly, check air weather leaking Pressure test 100%

  • Packing control

    Each package with foam box and fixed well Paste fragile label on each case QC double check the product and provide Out-going test report

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